Aurangabad Bihar scholarship list top 5 scholarship list

Aurangabad Bihar scholarship is one of the most awaited scholarship list in Bihar right now in 2020 due to this pandemic situation the the education institutes are still closed but Aurangabad Bihar scholarship list  is still open for students and specially for those students who are living below poverty level

  Aurangabad Bihar scholarship list 

Aurangabad Bihar scholarship lists
Aurangabad Bihar scholarship lists

In the year of 2020 Aurangabad Bihar Government announced a new scholarship for school and college going students to help their education in future. This scholarship has been provided by the Bihar Government and some other private organisations.

The main motive of the scholarship is  to encourage  Children’s and their parents for their future studies  who are living below the poverty level. The majority of the population in Aurangabad Bihar are not mostly educated most of them are only 12 passed. Like the other states of India Bihar has its own requirements for applying students in their scholarship program 

Criteria for Aurangabad Bihar scholarship

 As only mentioned that every state scholarship organisation has its own policy Bihar is also like same the main criteria for applying Aurangabad Bihar scholarship list is have to be a student or citizen in Bihar otherwise you can’t apply for the scholarship program provided by the government. 

2. Your primary education must be done from a government primary school otherwise you are not eligible for this program

3. Your education is must be running on when you are applying for this scholarship because this scholarship is only for the students who are still studying right now

So if you want to apply for Aurangabad Bihar scholarship list you must have to follow these criteria as otherwise your name will be rejected for sure

Aurangabad Bihar scholarship lists
Official site of Aurangabad Bihar scholarship

How to apply for Aurangabad Bihar scholarship lists

So if you want to apply for this scholarship you may be thinking what is the procedure of the scholarship? How can I apply this scholarship? Is it offline or online? Don’t worry I am here to tell you everything about this scholarship.

Bihar scholarship is mainly setup for those students who were below poverty level so this scholarship can be e submitted buy offline and online also if you want to submit this in online you have to go to the official website of Aurangabad Bihar for applying or if you want to do it offline you have to submit your all personal information along with the the mark sheets of your 12th or 10th result in your school or college you are studying right now

 Rewards of this scholarship

Main benefits of the scholarship that student can grab is the money e which is provided by the government and some organisations to help their future studies

this scholarship allows to provide 1200 rupees/month today hostellers and 550 rupees/month  for school going students 

But this is not all Bihar government announced many scholarships in the rural area of Aurangabad for helping students for their better future if you want to check those scholarships also here is the official website link you can visit this website click here

How many students will get the scholarship?

How many students will be in the Aurangabad Bihar scholarship list? This is a very good question as the population of the Bihar is quite bigger and the amount of students are also big so Bihar government fixed a a minimum marks required mint in the last Board examinations of the students those students who where to fulfill the marks requirement it will be honoured by the scholarship

Official Scholarship list

How to fill up the form of the scholarship?

The procedure of fill up the Aurangabad Bihar scholarship list is not very difficult it is almost same like the other scholarship you have filled up in past but here is some extra slots or criterias to fill out this form which I am going to discuss

If you want to fill up the scholarship from properly that you can get the benefit you must have to score above 60% to 80% in your last board exam this is the main criteria given by the government, do students who can fulfill this criteria will be honoured by the scholarship money which can help their future

The second thing is you need every original document of your academics results and you also have to  xerox one copy and pin it with your form which you have to submit 

The third thing you need is 2 original photo copy to fill up the form remember this photocopy does n have to be too old because it will identify you as a student

Last but not least you need your luck because as you know there are many students who are way better than you in academics you can deny it so there is a luck factor which can help you to get the scholarship 


So these are the way you can apply for any Aurangabad Bihar scholarship list. This is not all the scholarship which are provided by the Bihar Government here is the link below of the official Aurangabad Bihar scholarship list which will help you to to get the idea of how many scholarship are provided by the Bihar government especially in Aurangabad

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1.Can I apply Aurangabad scholarship when I am not student?

Ans. No you cannot apply a for the scholarship if you are not studying right now because this scholarship is mainly for those students who cannot afford their future studies and the scholarship is for helping them

2. If I am not a student of Bihar can I still apply for the scholarship?

Ans. Aurangabad Bihar scholarship is especially for those students who where living below poverty level and a primary student of Bihar you cannot apply what the scholarship if you are not a resident or a student of Bihar

3.When I will get the Aurangabad Bihar scholarship list?

Ans.Due to this pendamic covid-19 situation there is no news stilled published by the Bihar Government but approximately it will take 6 to 8 months after you applied the scholarship and the result will be declared

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