1450+ Delhi girls WhatsApp number in 2022

1450+ Delhi girls WhatsApp number in 2022


If you are one of them who are looking for true friendship or love on the internet and still can’t find it, then you are in the right place in this article I am going to share 1000 plus Delhi girls Whatsapp numbers to whom you can talk with and make them friends by chatting with them. 

There are many boys like you who are searching Delhi girl Whatsapp numbers on the internet but almost everyone failed because not all websites are giving the right girls WhatsApp numbers, many of them are giving you wrong information’s about the contact details, but don’t worry in this article I am going to share you all information about Delhi girl WhatsApp number which will definitely help you to get real contact numbers of Delhi girls. You can easily talk or chat with them and create a new bond with each other. WhatsApp number list 2020

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Delhi girls WhatsApp number

Delhi girls WhatsApp number list

Delhi girls WhatsApp number 2022

Delhi girls WhatsApp number list 2022

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SHREYA CHOPRA : 8101592471

Delhi girls WhatsApp number

NEHA CHOWLA : 908794577

If you are reading this post I can assume you are a single person just like me, and for me, it’s really easy to understand your feelings. Being single is not easy because sometimes you need someone to share your feelings and thoughts, but sometimes it’s really hard to express your feelings to someone, and that is why in this article I am sharing this number for you so you can communicate with each other and become friends. You can also get their calling number by becoming friends but if a girl rejects your proposal please do not disturb her because it’s her personal life that you can’t interrupt.

PURABI MALLIK : 768965879

MALIKA GUPTA : 908876912

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Delhi girls WhatsApp number list

Delhi girls are very good looking but they have very e attitude personality towards an unknown boy so you have to be careful if you want to talk with Delhi girls on WhatsApp because as desi is a metropolitan city the lifestyle of Delhi Girls is very advanced most of the common boys cannot match their lifestyles if they belong from a proper area. So all the Delhi girls WhatsApp number are given below you can contact them in WhatsApp and also on Whatsapp web

List of latest Delhi girls WhatsApp number :-

1 Neha Chopra 870968765
2 Priyanka Prakash 897098176
3 Kaveya Chowla 780968978
4 Ayesha Malik 978056987
5 Punam Mehta 983017986
6 Neha Chawla 987098779
7 Aushi datta 897576686
8 Dipika Chopra 879538769
9 Adity kapur 658967865
10 Kanchana 659877663
11 Kajal Kapur 980876987
12 Neha chopra 876098167
13 Sispiya Saha 087398456
14 Yashika Aannand 987076548
15 Riddhi Kapur 987065487
16 Mohini 987109867
17 Soumya 679065231
18 Tanushree 879076543
19 Kiara 700658754
20 Anjali 987509876
21 Yashika Anand 981769563

How to talk with Delhi girls in whatsapp?

Delhi girls are well known for their attitude and their beauty. The lifestyle of every Delhi girl is very upper class and you want to talk with them to make sure you follow some basic guidelines. Most of you feel very shy while talking to any girl, stop doing that and especially Delhi girls who are very moody like the boys who have confidence, so when you go to talk with Delhi girls on WhatsApp make sure you talk with them with confidence because no girl wants a boy with less confidence level. 

Mohini : 856743345

Rashika : 987099809

Delhi girls WhatsApp number list for friendship

When is about to make a friendship with a girl most of us do the wrong things because almost every single boy feels shy to approach a girl for friendship never do that because I already told you confidence is the key to success if you want a long-lasting relationship in your life with the person you have to be confident and you have to express your feeling towards her Delhi girls are very moody but there are also so very good of mind, if you will be loyal to her she will never leave you. So don’t waste your time get the  Delhi girls WhatsApp number and start talking surely you will get your match.

So don’t overthink about this just follow my steps as I mentioned that Delhi girls are very sensitive and very emotional about their career and family so don’t say anything wrong about them or about their family just be humble and polite with them and you will see that they will start loving you because of your kind attitude and nature so just follow my steps and you can easily e make friendship with Delhi girls without any problem and they will talk to you for sure without any hesitation

And as I already mentioned in this article don’t ever try to disrespect any girl if a girl doesn’t want to talk with you then don’t force her

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Delhi girls WhatsApp number list

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So these are the final words from myself so if you want to contact any of the girls mentioned in this article you can simply connect with them in WhatsApp and create a friendship with each other but remember don’t try to force any girl if she doesn’t want to talk with don’t force her.

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