1999+ Real girls WhatsApp number list 2022

2000+ Girls WhatsApp number list 2022


There Are many boys like you who are searching girls WhatsApp number list 2022 around the internet but the majority of blogs and website gives you wrong contact details of all girls WhatsApp number,  but in this article, I am going to share with you 1999+ girls whatsapp number around the world for free, you can easily talk with them and, make them Friend by chatting with them. So let’s start the article

If you are a person who is single and alone forever I can feel your emotions, for some people it’s really hard to express his feelings towards any girl. You can chat with any in this list, you can communicate with these girls and you can also ask for their calling number by chatting with them. If you don’t have any female friends you can easily talk with them and express your feelings.

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Girls whatsApp number list

Name-Yashika agarwal

Number- 1001448567

Age- 21

NameRakhi savant

Number- 11858555

Age- 20

Name-Puja kapoor

Number- 0115852198

Age- 19

I can understand that it is very difficult to not have a Soulmate in your life. And it is very difficult for some people to express their feelings with their friends because some feelings can only be expressed with your female friend. Now you can use these girls WhatsApp number lists for finding your soulmate. 

There are many shy people who to sahi to talk with girls so if you’re one of them you can use this girl WhatsApp number list to make more female friends, and you can easily talk with them on WhatsApp. 

One thing I want to mention right now is that the all-girls WhatsApp number list I mention below are the real and genuine numbers I found on the internet. I authorised all the numbers and the numbers are real. You can message them by seeing their name, age, gender preferences.

Girls whatsApp number list

Name- soniya mehta

Number- 0116389282

Age- 20

Name- rashmika chawla

Number- 158001257

Age- 24

Remember you can only talk with them on WhatsApp first send them a HI and then if they reply bring the conversation continue but if they denied answering you don’t disturb them because without their permission you cannot talk with them it is an illegal step and you might be arrested for doing such a crime. So if you can maintain these things you are free to talk with them we are not responsible for anything you do.

girls WhatsApp number for friendship ( girls whatsapp number )

There are many boys like me you don’t have any female friends and they wanted to make more female friends, but they feel very shy to talk with them properly so they want to be friends with them first that is why on the internet there are thousands quarry made every day by youngsters about girls WhatsApp number list girls WhatsApp group etc.

Girls WhatsApp number list 2021

Terms and conditions

I pretty well know that there are many boys who are looking for some female friends to create a friendship between them, most of the ladies mentioned in this article all the ladies want boys with a good nature, joyful entertaining and a good sense of mind. If you allow Reddy to love them without any condition they are free to love you at any cost.

  • Do not disturb any girl while chatting if she didn’t respond try with another number but don’t harass her otherwise you will be punished by cyber cells
  • Do not ask for any kind of personal or relevant information or image from an unknown women you don’t know. First talk with her friendly then ask her these kind of of questions
  • Do not use any kind of slang or abusive language towards any girl, because this is a part of cyber bullying and cyber bullying is a not acceptable crime in india.
NameWhatsapp number Age
Tamalika Bhowmik 690979657 21
Payal sutradhar 392649202 19
Sayani saha 988381769 22
Drishya Adhikari 2398707695 20
shreya Adhikari 1797392649 18
Bipasha Nag 5487120986 19
Annyesha Karji 89381739 23
Anamika Pal 969370298 19
Kallyani Poddar 738259272 20
Diya Sen897587965 19
Maheswata Das675987667 21
Purba Kar870745487 20
Neha das 097273829 21

I know you want to talk with girls but you don’t have girls whatsapp number list and you don’t have any experience that how to talk with girls? Right. Here you will find some girls whatsApp numbers and the procedure of how to talk with them, how to be friends with them. Only having girls whatsapp number isn’t enough you have to know the proper way to talk with them.

I know sometimes it feels alone and bad because you don’t have any female friend like others and everyone need a female friend to share each other’s feeling, problems and for enjoying life. So we will provide you with some girls whatsapp number list 2022 for friendship. You can talk with them and they will talk with you.

How to friendship with girls :

Most of the guys go crazy when they see a beautiful and good girl and they want to do friends with them. so today we will talk about how to friendship with girls. When you find girls whatsApp number the first thing is to ask her name. Ask about her family members and her previous life and present life. sometimes you can ask her if she needs any help because when you ask her for any help she will understand that you’re a helpful person. Always message her first and ask about her health that’s why she will think you’re a caring person and she will start to give interest to you.

Talk with her 2-3 days like this and she will ask you for friendship. So here you can get girls whatsApp number list and you can start talking with them for friendship.
One more thing that is don’t get replies from girls and the main reason for this is when you message a girl in the wrong way and she feels uncomfortable to give a reply back. Give her respect to the message tells about her beauty then she will reply to all of your messages.

Indian girls whatsApp number:

Indian girls are so beautiful and sweet. Indian girls have a good nature and behaviour so you can friendship and talk with them. All around the world Indian girls are famous for their pretty faces. Many girls need a good person to share all their problems feelings and happiness and they want to friend with someone. so from here, you will get girls whatsApp number list and you can start talking with them.

NameWhatsapp number Age
Yashika agarwal00144800722
Rakhi savant11185855719
Puja kapoor011585219825
Neeti bhatt06755903421
Rashi khanna012356889921
Shita haldar 018936382920
Bipasa basu057929727722
Khusi chandak 0273986299318
Deepika padmani0073783883823

Bengali girls whatsApp number :

We all know bengali girls are famous all over the world for their sweetness and their languages. Bengali girls look very beautiful and their minds are very clear and good.Bengali girls are very mischievous and once someone talks to a Bengali girl then he will definitely want to be friend of her. So if you want, you can talk to Bengali girls and make friends. They are very friendly and little bit of talkative you can impress them by by buying some clothes are chocolates and don’t forget about your behaviour because Bengali girls are too much concerned about the attitude of there friends. So don’t embarrass them and make them happy by your words and personality

Name- Baishali das

Number- 0198787455

Age- 23

Name- Paulumi biswas

Number- 0023567387

Girls whatsapp number 2022


NameWhatsapp number Age
Sayantani dey 003367377820
Sneha roy 0037993099321
Souravi dey2897282902820
Priya majumdar0112738739919
Rani Mukherjee 0273873983823
Misti saha 0128837930021
Mousumi dey 0128837930022

American girl Whatsapp number:

We all know that American girls are very friendly to talk with boys from other countries like you. They actually prefer Asian and especially Indian boys than their native USA boys. Actually pretty decent when the topic ok is about choosing any male friend. You can easily talk with American girls and make friends with them. These are the American girls WhatsApp number list. You can save these contacts and chat with them by WhatsApp. Well if you like any girl you both can continue the relationship.

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Girls whatsapp number
American girls whatsapp number

Name- Jasmine scandile

Number- 4404727282


Name- Harley Fernandez

Number- 44027728828

Age- 20

Khasmiri girls whatsapp number list

as we know Kashmiri girls are too attractive and beautiful and there are many boys who want to friendship with them. so today in this article you will get friendly Kashmiri girls WhatsApp numbers and you can friendship with them. they also want to make friendship with good and kind-hearted boys so if you want to make them friends then you have to represent yourself as a gentleman and do not disturb them with a call. don’t call them with these numbers otherwise, they will get irritate and may they will not make you friends so you have to maintain this

Name- kavya


Name- Himani

Number- 89039838

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So these are the girls WhatsApp numbers you are looking for. You can easily talk with them by approaching them but remember do not disturb them if they do want to talk with you and also don’t try to call them without there permission.

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