How to apply ladli laxmi yojna 2020

what is Ladli Laxmi yojna


We all we all know girl child is another face of Laxmi Devi.we want that our country’s all girls should have a good education and marriage .so that’s why indian government launch a ladli laxmi scheme for all girls for give them a financial support. And they can afford a good education. Because education is thr first priority that everyone should have.

We all know in our country many of poor girls who can’t do study and they are Financially weak.many of fathers who can’t do a good marriage for their daughters. Everyone has a dream so Indian government done a very good job for start this scheme for girls. Madhyapradesh sarkar is launch ladli laxmi yojna for girl child’s for their bright future. Due to ladli laxmi yojna you can get up too 100,000 – 118,000 /- for girl child.

Ladli laxmi

Ladli Laxmi yojna online apply :

If you want this benefit or want this benefit for your girl child then you can apply it online. And can up to 150,000/- from madhyapradesh government. So let’s see how to apply ladli laxmi yojna online and get it’s Financial benefits. This application form is in hindi

  • Open you browser and search on google Ladli laxmi yojna
  • And go to there official website
  • Here you can fill the application with 3 types And I tell you how can you fill the form by jansamanya.
  • Then you are a resident of madhyapradesh then select yes in hindi Then answer the questions in yes or no Then tick on the check box and click on proceed button.
  • Then there will open a new interface and you have to fill all of details of ladli laxmi yojna application form Select your district, girls name, date of birth, place of her birth means hospital or house.
  • Then you have to fill your mother name, mother age, Aadhar number of you father.
  • Then you have to fill how many brothers and sister you have. Family members occupation and their income. Fill these all details carefully. Then there will required some documents and fill the captcha.

Then click will submit and you will get a form After getting this form you have to verify this from your pariyojna adhikari. And after verification you will get a certificate proof. And you can get benefits of ladli laxmi yojna.

Benefits of Ladli Laxmi yojna :

This scheme is basically for girls who can’t do their education.therr are many of poor girls who can’t do their education. But they’re are talented so that’s why madhyapradesh government lauch this scheme for girls and help them financially. And this is a good step to make indian girls educated.

After apply for this scheme they will start to receive money.Girl child will get benefits from this scheme for many years. They will receive a good amount money in their school. When they will promoted to lower standard to higher standard they will receive money. Let’s see the money receive amount chart

Class Amount
VI 2,000/-
IX 4,000/-
XI 6,000/-
money amount chart

If you apply for ladli laxmi yojna when you will get

  • 2,000 /- after promoted to class VI
  • 4,000 /- after promoted to class IX
  • 6,000 /- after promoted to class XI
  • 6,000 /- again after promoted to class XII

so in this sequence girl childs will get total 18,000/- and at the age of 21th she will receive 100,000/- but there is a condition Her marriage must be after 21 years otherwise she is not eligible for 100,000 /- .so total amount is 118,000/- that she can receive. Madhyapradesh government want to help the girl childs by giving them good education, a healthy life and for their future.

Required documents :

Everyone want that their girls have a must good education,good health and a bright government started a scheme for girls to help them.If you want to apply for Ladli Laxmi yojna then you have to need some important documents otherwise you can’t apply for this.

  • Girl child’s birth certificate
  • Girl child’s photocopy
  • Residence proof of girl child
  • Photocopy of bank pass book front page. Account holder name, account number, branch code etc.
  • Girl child’s aadhar card, ration card as her identify proof
  • Beneficiary photocopy

Eligibility for Ladli Laxmi yojna :

There are some eligibility criteria for this scheme. If you full fill all the eligibility criteria then you are able for this scheme otherwise you may not get benefits.if you apply for this scheme and eligible then you can receive 118,000/- . So let’s check eligibility for this scheme

  • The parents of the girl child should be a resident of madhya pradesh
  • The gilt child parents is not paying any kind of tax to government
  • if the second girl adopted then she can apply for this scheme and get benefits
  • If you have three girl child then you can only registration for two girl childs
  • Girls child can get 100,000/- when is complete her XI class and don’t get married before 21 years old but in case she leaves her education in between of this scheme period then she will not get any benefits regarding this scheme

For my opinion Madhya pradesh government is done a great work.They provide a good education, healthy life to our countries girl childs. After 1 year old you can register for Ladli Laxmi scheme for girl childs. But make sure you’re eligible for this scheme or not. So apply this scheme for your needful girl child’s bright future. Share this post and let everyone know about Ladli Laxmi yojna.

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1.can I apply ladli laxmi yojna offline?

Ans: yes you can apply for this scheme offline or online both. You you are want to apply for this online then you can see how to apply for this scheme online in this article.

2. Who are eligible for ladli laxmi yojna?

Ans: first thing is the girl child parents must be resident of madhya pradesh. Their girl child have to study. The girl child parents is not paying tax to government.

3. Where I can apply for ladli laxmi rojna?

Ans: you can apply for this scheme on thier official website

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