IGNOU assignment status marks and result update in 2020

IGNOU assignment status marks and result update in 2020


So if you are a student of IGNOU I am in Indira Gandhi Open University institute you know that the IGNOU assignment is one of the most important parts in your college journey in IGNOU you have to submit your assignment in every semester along with your examinations. All students have to submit their IGNOU assignment status in their dearest Study Centre of IGNOU. 

As per the guideline of IGNOU you have to submit your IGNOU assignment status before that date provided by your Institute. If you miss the date of your IGNOU assignment status submission then they didn’t accept your assignment.

As like your exam IGNOU assignment status is also a very important part of your exam the hundred percent marks in your exam divided by 30% of your assignment and 70% of your written exam so if you fail to submit your IGNOU assignment status you might be fail in your semester also

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IGNOU assignment status for June session

If you are student of of IGNOU in June session and already upload aur submit your assignment in your Study Centre then you have to you take some patience because in this covid-19 situation all the the steps in IGNOU are are working hard and giving their best to update your IGNOU assignment status as soon as possible so keep your eye on the the official page and visit daily to view your IGNOU assignment status.

How to check your IGNOU assignment status?

Well there are two ways to submit an IGNOU assignment the first is to submit your assignment online due to this pandemic situation and the second where is to submit your assignment in your nearest IGNOU Study Centre. 

If you date submit your assignment through your nearest Study Centre you might get a coupon from The Study Centre you have to keep it safe because the coupon is the proof of authenticity that you submit your assignment and in case your assignment number add doesn’t add in your great card then you can claim your assignment number through that coupon

You can check your IGNOU assignment status by the official website is look like this.

Then you have to fill up your enrollment number, the enrollment number is a 9 digit number which has provided by the IGNOU itself, then after you put your enrollment number select your program code in which you are studying in IGNOU. Remember enter your enrollment number and your program code correctly otherwise you cannot see your assignment status. After all of this press enter and you will get your IGNOU assignment status if it is uploaded. After your assignment status will upload it will be look like this

Here you will find your school’s name your studding and the session name . You can also see the status of your assignment. If you see the status is received to be proceed that means your assignment it is still not uploaded and if you see that your assignment status is check grade card status for details.

When will my IGNOU assignment status upload?

After you apply your IGNOU assignment through online or by your region IGNOU centre the authentication and the number giving operation takes some time the employee and the Teachers from Indira Gandhi Open Institute Scooty nice your assignment and give you the assignment number according to your IGNOU assignment then after some days you will get your IGNOU assignment status online by the official website of IGNOU. Basically it takes approximately 50 days to upload your IGNOU assignment and provide you the assignment status.

If my assignment status didn’t updated what should I do?

As IGNOU University is one of the biggest open university in India there are many students submitted their assignment through online based or by local Institute, sometimes the procedure of of IGNOU assignment status take some time to uploaded. Sometimes The Study Centre fail to check all the assignments given by the students and sometimes they faced some technical issues to upload your IGNOU assignment status.

But don’t worry if you didn’t get your IGNOU assignment status till now you can do some things.

  • 1 take the receipt which you got when you submit your assignment to your local regional centre of IGNOU.
  • 2 visit the official IGNOU website daily to get your assignment status
  • 3 contact your nearest IGNOU Regional Centre to get your assignment status update

Attention:- recent news is just announced by the Indira Gandhi Open University that after a student’s assignment submission University verify it and give him the deserving number and then keep the assignment copy for just on the 1 year for security reasons so if your assignment number doesn’t add in your great card you should contact to the university fast.

Read also

1. when will my IGNOU assignment status updated?

After you submit your IGNOU assignment it will take some sometime of 40 to 50 days

2. how to check IGNOU assignment status?

Students can check their IGNOU assignment status from the official website of IGNOU

3. Did I get notified by IGNOU for my assignment ?

you have to stay tuned with the official website of IGNOU for getting updates for your IGNOU assignment status

4. What are the marks percentage IGNOU assignment contains?

Among the hundred percent 30% marks are contained by the IGNOU assignment and rest of the 70% are content by the written exam

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