income certificate format WB 2020

what is income certificate ?


As we all know income certificate is a most usual certificate. income certificate format is a common inquiry who want to make an income certificate.and it is a mostly required for many government everyone needs to have an income certificate definitely because it is a most common required document for any government works. so you have to also know the income certificate format. basically income certificate is a paper proof of your father and family income of a year by the government.everyone is not able to make income certificate.

if any member of your family is doing a government service then you’re not able for an income can only apply to make an income certificate if there is no one to your family who is doing any kind of government services.

How to apply for income certificate :

income certificate format is the most common question for west Bengal students and there have some methods to make an income certificate in online. if you follow these easy steps as given in below then you can definitely make income certificate quickly.

  • first, go to west Bengal E-district website
  • then complete your citizen registration for income certificate format
  • fill the details carefully applicant name, address, mobile number
  • then create your user ID password
  • go back to the login page and fill your user ID and password, fill the given captcha
  • after login, a new interface will open click on certificates and find income certificate
  • Give all the necessary details of you that have been requested
  • give your income year and income amount must
  • after filling all of this there will open a new interface where you can review your registration form if there you made any mistake.correct the form if any information is wrong
  • then click on attach supporting documents and upload required documents

after doing all these simple steps you will get a return form. and you can see your tracking id of your application form. so you can check your income certificate is ready or not.of is it done then you can see a verification tick mark on your income certificate. if there will any problem then make sure you have filled your details correctly and then can definitely approve your income certificate. then print out of your income certificate format

Documents requirment :

for any government certificate, there is necessary of some required you want your income certificate then you have also need some important make sure you have already these documents for income certificate format.

  • first, the important document is Adhaar card/passport/pan card/ration card/driving licence
  • residential certificate issued by subdivision officer
  • income proof certificate from gram pradhan or municipality office
  • passport size colour photograph

this all documents are must be required for an income certificate. if you don’t have income proof certificate then you have to visit you gram panchayat office of municipality office. ask the employees of the office and complete the procedure of income proof certificate.then they will give you the income proof certificate. But make sure the difference between income certificate and income proof have to upload your income proof certificate by gram pradhan or municipality officer while your applying for an income this is the procedure for income certificate format. For more information you can check the official website.

Eligibility for apply income certificate :

there are some criteria for applying income certificate. You have to eligible if you want to make a income certificate.the most important thing is you must have a residential proof otherwise you cannot eligible for income certificate. You need your adhaar card ration-card etc. You should have a income proof from gram pradhan and municipality officer. And submit it on official website while registration and they will verify it.make sure if you want to make income certificate then your fathers yearly income should less than 60,000 rupees otherwise you are not eligible for it.Follow the documents requirement section on above. These all you should have so you can easily get your income certificate.

Uses of income certificate :

Basically income certificate is a proof of your yearly income . When you apply for it then government will verify and provide you the income certificate. And it is a government proof of your income. Income certificate is required for any government vacancy and special quotas like west Bengal joint entrance exam TFW quota. That means we have to pay less money from others by showing our fathers income certificate. In many scholarships there income certificate is the most important document for apply. Because they can check your fathers yearly income and they can provide you scholarships. It also can use you government and college admissions. So there are so many uses of income certificate for a indian. And should know income certificate format.

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FAQ can i feel income certificate application?

Ans- my dear friend this is easy to fill income certificate format application. First thing is registration so fill your name, address and phone no. Make an id & password. Then registration will done and go to login page and put your id& password then now you can fill your all details and submit.

2.why need income certificate?

Ani income certicate is government income proof. That is proof of your fathers yearly income. That will help you to get many benefits on government schemes,schoolerships,special quota in less fees and many others. i have to pay to make income certificate?

Ans- definitely not, you don’t have to pay for make an income certificate. This is totally free but if you go to cyber cafes for applying the form then they can charge a amount for it. much time it take to make income certificate?

Ans-its depends on thew government officers who are handle this service.after applying the form it can verify and ready in just some hours. In some cases it can take time 2-3 days. Possibly it takes less time so you don’t need to worry about that.

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