Kanyashree prakalpa K3 explain best scheme for girls 25000

Kanyashree prakalpa explain in 2020


Today I am going to talk about one of the most popular and great schemes provided by the West Bengal government and especially by the Chief Minister of West Bengal Mamata Banerjee, yes you are right I am talking about kanyashree prakalpa

Kanyashree prakalpa was started in 2012 by the Chief Minister of West Bengal this scheme is only applicable for those privilege girls living below the poverty level, 

As we all know in Indian education facilities and the percentage of girls are too much low because the culture and the financial problem in India for girls, and you also have known that the child marriage culture is also active in India in very rural places, that is why the chief minister of West Bengal Mamata Banerjee introduced the river revolutionary scheme kanyashree prakalpa in 2012, by this scheme government want to help each and every girl who should continue their future studies to being independent. 

The idea of kanyashree prakalpa was developed by our own Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee and the logo of kanyashree prakalpa was made by Mamata Banerjee also

Benefits of kanyashree prakalpa kp1

The benefits of kanyashree prakalpa are huge the girls of West Bengal will get 750 rupees per year during their school time, and after the age of 18 every girl will get a big amount of 25000 rupees for their higher studies and marriage fund, this is a huge tribute to all those girls who are struggling to be educated due to the property or due to the society.

In kanyashree prakalpa the girls only get the facility of being paid if they are studying that time it means if they quit their study after 10th for 11th class they will not receive the one time 25000 rupees and the 750 rupees per annum.

Who can apply for this prakalpa?

According to the official guidelines those girls who were studying in a government certified School between 13 to 19 age group and still unmarried are eligible to apply for the kanyashree prakalpa scheme. This prakalpa is on applicable for West Bengal girls students if you are the student of another state you can not apply for this scheme,

There are some criteria that you have to follow

1  in this scheme there is two different ways to get the support 1 is the 750 rupees annual support and another is the one time 25000 rupees support. If you want to get the 750 rupees for annual support you have to apply for the K1 form which refers to the kanyashree prakalpa 1 form. And if you want the second massive 25000 rupees 110 support you have to apply for the K2 form

2  the annual income of your family should be below from 1,20000 rs per year because the government only e give this support to the privilege students and the poor ones

3 If you want to get benefited by this kanyashree prakalpa service you have to create a savings account, in which the amount will be credited by the government.

Documents that you need

As like every other scheme’s scholarships you need some important documents if you want to to apply and in this case, there are some few but important documents you need. here is the list of the documents

  • 1 the admit card of your last examination like Madhyamik or Uccya Madhyamik exams.
  • 2 the original copy of your Aadhar card
  • 3 two recently clicked photos of yourself
  • 4 birth certificate of the girl child (means you)
  • 5 your caste certificate and your parent’s death certificate if they are passed away

How to apply this prakalpa

The procedure of applying for the kanyashree prakalpa scheme is very simple for everyone, as I only mentioned that girls who keep their study continue will get the benefit of the scheme. Show the procedure is the school you are reading right now will provide you and offline form which you have to fill up for this kanyashree prakalpa

After filling up the form you have to attest all the documents that I mentioned above like your Aadhar card copy your photos and the admit card of your last Board examination along with the birth certificate. After all of this, submit your form in your school and the office workers of your school will manage it.

Now you are done and you will get 750 rupees or above per annum and the one-time Big support of 25000 rupees.


Our website or article doesn’t claim that all the information is hundred percent correct we found all the information on the internet so if you have some queries you can check the official website of kanyashree prakalpa to solve your queries

Kanyashree prakalpa official website


Kanyashree prakalpa is the revolutionary e scheme provided by the central government of West Bengal Mamata Banerjee the idea and the logo was made by herself. I think this was a very big step towards the topic of girls education in India and protest about child marriage.

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1 how do I get the money from kanyashree?

Ans:- after you apply for the kanyashree prakalpa you will get the money e according to the form in your savings bank account that you provided you in your form.

2 . How much money will I get from kanyashree prakalpa?

And:- you will get 25000 rupees for one time support and 750 rupees per year until you quit your studies, because after you quit your studies you will officially not eligible for getting money.

3 Can I apply for this prakalpa from a different state?

Ans:- according to the guidelines of the state government this prakalpa is only valid for the girls while living in West Bengal that means you cannot apply for the scholarship if you are not a citizen of West Bengal.

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