1000+ kolkata girl whatsapp number l real numbers

Are you bengali? And do you love bengali people for friendship? Then you are in the right place. Do you know that the Bengai girls are so sweet and also kolkata girls so in this post I’ll share some kolkata girl whatsApp number for friendship.you can get kolkata girl whatsApp number from here and talk with them.

Kolkata girl whatsApp number

Kolkata or Bengali girls are too attractive and beautiful and also free-minded. You can easily make friends with them and get the Kolkata girls whatsapp number from here. Saree is the traditional dress of Bengal and Bengali girl’s love to wear saree,eating Sweet’s. In this post article I’ll share some Kolkata girl whatsApp numbers and you have to maintain their privacy, don’t do anything with their numbers and dont send them offensive messages, don’t call them if she is interested in you then you can talk otherwise you can’t force them.

Kolkata girl whatsApp number

Name-Puja roy

Number- 0115852198

Age- 19

Name- soniya mehta

Number- 0116389282

Age- 20

Kolkata girl whatsApp number for friendship

I know you’re here for Kolkata girl whatsApp number for friendship and you want to talk with some girls. There are many boys who want to talk with girls and make female friends but they are very shy in front of girls. Everyday thousands of boys are searching on google for female friends whatsApp number and many queries related to this so in this post your every doubt will be clear and you’ll get some numbers for friendship with them.

Name- Paulumi biswas

Number- 0023567387


Name- Baishali das

Number- 0198787455

Age- 23

terms & conditions

If you take the kolkata girl whatsApp number from here and want to talk with them then you have to follow the rules and some terms & conditions.

  • First don’t disturb any girl while chatting, don’t call them and don’t harass them, if anyone is not interested then try another one.
  • Dont ask for images and don’t send unnatural messages, don’t make any girl uncomfortable.
  • Never use slangs and bad words always, don’t abuse any girl

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Kolkata girl whatsApp number list :

We all know that Kolkata girls are famous all over the world for their sweetness and their languages .Kolkata girls look very beautiful and their minds are pretty innocent. Kolkata girls are very naughty and once someone talks to a Bengali girl, she will definitely want to be his friend. So if you want you can talk to Bengali girls and make friends then don’t worry. They have very friendly behavior and you can impress them by showing you humanity and with your clear mind. They like sweets and they are too much foodie so give them treats and never misuse them and stay always a good person they will definitely Impress. So here are some kolkata girl whatsApp number list

Name WhatsApp numberAge
Tamalika Bhowmik69097965718
Payal sutradhar39264920223
Sayani saha98838176921
Drishya Adhikari239870769522
shreya Adhikari179739264922
Bipasha Nag548712098618
Annyesha Karji8938173919
Anamika Pal96937029823
Kallyani Poddar73825927222
Neha das0273829322
Sayantani dey003367377821
Sneha roy0037993099322
Souravi dey2897282902824
Priya majumdar0112738739919
Rani Mukherjee0273873983820
Misti saha0128837930020
Mousumi dey0128837930021
rekha dey7865546323
asmita sarkar456372272832

How to friendship with Kolkata girls :

Most of the guys get mad when they are beautiful girls and they want to make friends with them but they can’t. Because they have lack of confidence. When you want to friendship with girls don’t shy go and tell them Confidently because girls are attracted with confident guys so if you here for kolkata girl whatsApp number and want to do friendship with them then you have to do same and don’t irritate them, don’t call them you have to just message them a single HI and if she interested she will reply you.

Ask about her family, ask what she loves to do the most, ask her if she needs any help, give her some time, you have to take care of her and let her feel that you’re really caring about her then she will Impress and always behave like a gentleman.


So these are the final words from myself about WhatsApp number of Kolkata girls make sure you talk with them properly without doing any kind of wrong behaviour and make friendship with them but if you do something wrong you are responsible for your own works.

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