25 Free Lightroom Presets (download free Presets)

25 Free Lightroom Presets (download free Presets) free Presets for mobile


If you are a photographer or a person connected with the photography industry you definitely had about lightroom for one time your life for sure, Lightroom is one of the most popular photo editing software in PC for no doubt, in the photo editing sector lightroom has its own separate fan base for its excellent and unique features which are really simple to use and looks extremely professional.  Like other photo editing software, Lightroom has some special unique features which make it so popular.

Lightroom is especially known for its colour grading feature which is the key feature of its popularity and success, Anyone can use lightroom colour grading features and make a photograph very good looking and attractive and also professional that is why most professional photographers and editors prefer to use lightroom as their primary photo editing tool.

But the main problem comes when a beginner tries to use lightroom for the first time because of a lack of experience. Sometimes it’s hard to use the lightroom properly. That is why you should use Lightroom presets, which is a really simple and effective way to edit a photo like a professional and save your time.

lightroom presets free

Download preset lightroom for free

There are many popular presets for lightroom available on the internet but the problem is most of them are paid. You have to buy the presets to use them. But in this article, we will provide you presets off lightroom for free so you can download presets lightroom and use them in your editing and edit your photo professionally.

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Lightroom presets

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Lightroom mobile presets

Lightroom presets free download

Reason to use lightroom presets

lightroom is really professional and advanced photo editing software for no doubt and that is why for beginners it’s a little bit harder to use. That is why lightroom presets are a really good choice for someone.  by using presets lightroom you can easily edit your photo very easily with just some taps which are really good.

You can also use lightroom presets for your future editing you just have to edit a photo in lightroom for one time and save the editing settings,  and you’re good to go,  in future, if you want to edit a photo like previous ones you just have to apply the saved presets of lightroom to the new image And all the previous three sets of lightroom presets will be applied to the new photo.

Lightroom presets DNG format VS XMP presets format

Basically lightroom presets are the free applied edits Settings which is used to edit a new photo within a minute, anyone can use lightroom presets for free and edit a photo within a minute which is very time efficient. Lightroom mobile presets used to be in DNG  format which is only applicable in a mobile lightroom editing app.

On the other hand, the XMP format of the lightroom preset is only for desktop lightroom software.

You cannot use the DNG format in your desktop lightroom software; this is only for the mobile application. 

How to install Lightroom presets XMP format on PC

  • Installing any presets off lightroom on your PC is a really simple task which anyone can do.
  • Firstly you have to download the preset lightroom you want to use.
  • Now select the photo you want to edit with the lightroom presets
  • After the image successfully import you have to click on the developer module on the top right corner of the screen, then click on the plus button (+) and upload the preset lightroom XMP you want to use

But you have to remember one thing that if you are using lightroom classic software on your PC do you have to pay for this. The PC Lightroom software isn’t free. You have to pay one time to use it or you can also go for the monthly subscription.

Lightroom presets install on mobile

On this website, I’ll tell you how you can install Lightroom presets on mobile with a full explanation step by step

  • First, you e to make a new album in your installed Lightroom application then you’ve to click on the add icon 
  • Then you’ve to upload all the presets to your folder and then select your preset and then you’ve to add DNG files to this folder
  • Now you can create a preset by clicking on any presets that you had uploaded before. Then click on select create preset
  • Now you can give your preset name and save that preset
  • Then you can choose any picture and apply your presets easily.

You can download the lightroom official app from Play Store click here to download Lightroom APK 2021

Presets Lightroom download 2021

If you’re a photographer then you’ll know that Lightroom is a very popular photo editing software and it gives attractive photo edits. Many editors are just used Lightroom to edit their pictures and most 

 On Instagram, influences are used Lightroom edits because Lightroom gives your photo a very premium and aesthetic look.

But Lightroom premium is a very costly software and everyone can’t afford it but if you’re want to edit your pictures like that then you’re in a right place. In this article we will give some Lightroom presets for free you’ve to just install the DNG file and apply it to your pictures. And you can easily give your pictures a vintage or aesthetic look.

For download and apply the presets there are some easy steps like first you’ve to install the Lightroom application on your mobile or desktop then you’ve to download the preset from here and you’ve to create a new folder for your Lightroom application then upload the downloaded preset and DNG files then choose any of your pictures and just simply apply the preset.

Lightroom presets free download

So there are we uploaded many presets that you can download and apply. Before download please check how to apply and install

  1. Urban tone Lightroom preset

Basically, the urban tone Lightroom preset is give pictures a very good look. When you’ll apply this preset your picture will hit a different look that you can’t expect and it gives your picture a dynamic look and a bold tone 

  1. Dark and moody Lightroom presets

We can relate this dark and moody Lightroom preset with many many Instagram influencers. This preset is very popular just for its cool look. If you want to download this preset just click on this download button

  1. Moody black Lightroom mobile preset

You can see this preset on many Instagram users and professionals account because this preset looks to attract and it gives pictures a vintage moody look. 

  1. HDR presets for lightroom pc 

HDR is very common lightroom preset and it will give your pictures a high dynamic range and clarity. If you want to make your pictures like that then you can download and give your picture a dynamic look. If you want to give your picture a highly punchy colour and realistic look then the HDR effect is only for you this effect totally change your image dynamic range and looks very high definition which is a really good thing, so you should try HDR preset lightroom.

  1. Lightroom landscape presets

This lightroom preset is increased pictures colour tones and give a rich tone Which is very elegant to see and very professional also. If you’re a photographer then you should try this preset and it will give your photo’s a different look.

  1. Lightroom black & white preset

The Black & white effect is common but if you try this Lightroom black & white preset on your photo then you’ll notice the difference because it will make your pictures a shaded and grey tone. A beautiful texture you can see also it will make your pictures aesthetic. Then try this preset out now also.

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