West bengal physically challenged students scholarship 2020 is it safe

West bengal physically challenged student scholarship


A new scholarship for West Bengal physically challenged students has just arrived, the state government of West Bengal just released a special physically challenged students scholarship to help them for their future studies and improve their way of living. 

Physically challenged students scholarship is not like any other scholarship it has a different way to apply not every physically challenged student can apply for this. So what is the amount of the scholarship, how will you get the scholarship for yourself, what are the documents that I need to apply for? I am going to answer all these questions for you in this article. The procedure for applying physically challenged students scholarship in West Bengal is below

Who can apply for this scholarship

The students of West Bengal from 9th to 12th class can apply for this scholarship those students especially who cannot see, cannot hear, have some mental illness, and facing physical problems in their body like sixth finger, joints problems are only eligible for physically challenged student scholarship

Documents you need for applying physically challenged students scholarship

There are some documents that you need if you apply for this scholarship as I mention this scholarship is only for physically challenged students the main purpose of the scholarship is to help those students for their future studies so they can get a push Indian life. 

  • 1 the first thing you need if you want to apply for this scholarship is the official certificate of your you have to give your physical handicap certificate to them to verify yourself that you are a real physically handicapped student
  • 2 the second criteria provided by them is your family income including your mother’s and father’s income should be below by 200000 (2L) rupees per year
  • 3 Thirdly you have to attested your bank account details along with the IFSC code with your physically challenged students scholarship form but remember the bank account you will give must be yours otherwise they will decline your scholarship.
  • 4 you have to score 40% in your last examination in school for getting the physical challenge student scholarship. But if you already apply any other kind of physical challenge scholarship you cannot apply this scholarship
  • 5 you also have to provide your income certificate for getting this scholarship.

So these are the main criteria that you have to follow if you want to get physically challenged students scholarship for yourself here is the form that you have to fill up and attested all the documents that I mentioned above there is the official website link where you can download the form click here to download the form 

 how to apply for physically challenged student scholarship

By the above link you can download the the form which you have to fill up the form is looking like this

You have to fill up all the part of this phone for applying this physically challenged students scholarship for yourself

Firstly you have to fill up your basic information like your name, your parents name, home address, village post office etc. Then you have to feel up your school related fields like your school name is your last percentage of marks. These information are very important for you and to them otherwise they cannot verify and you will not be eligible for getting any kind of facilities by this scholarship.

Then you have to fill up your bank account details so you can get the scholarship money and then put your IFSC code if you don’t know what is your IFSC code you can check your passbook or you can go to your branch for your IFSC code remember make sure that you used your own bank account otherwise your form may be rejected.

Next you have to feel up your percentage of disabilities in your application. In this column you have to explain that what is your physical disability so they can help you by providing physically challenged students scholarship for your future.

So after fill up the form you have to attested all the documents I mentioned above like income certificate caste certificate photos residential certificate marksheet etc and verified by your local MLA, remember all the documents are must be verified by the email and your need his or her seal on this document then you can submit your full document it in your BDO office. And last but not the least you have to submit your document before 12th November 2020 cause after that it the registration will be closed


Our website or article doesn’t claims that all the information is is hundred percent correct we found all the information on internet so if you have some queries you can check the official website


So these other all information about the physically challenged students scholarship in 2020 in my angle of view this is a very great way to support those privilege physically challenged students who needs help for their future and a great tribute to the state and Central Government to make this happened so if you’re one of them make sure to apply for the scholarship this will definitely help you to bring your brighter future

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Can I apply for the scholarship if I am not student

no this physically challenged student scholarship is early for those students who wear physically challenged to India life and by this scholarship government want to help them to bring their brighter future

what are the certificates I need for the scholarship

there are several certificate that I mentioned above but you specially need your income certificate your last examination great certificate and your bank account number

Can a class 8 student apply for the scholarship

no as per the details the students belongs to class 9 to class 12 are only eligible for the scholarship program

when will I get the scholarship

there are no fix timing for getting scholarship but after you apply for the scholarship they takes 3 to 6 months to verify your documents and after that they will fever due by the scholarship

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