Safe shop products list with price pdf download 2021

Safe shop is one of the most well-known trusted companies in the Indian network marketing industry, almost everyone who knows the concept of network marketing for MLM might know about safe shop in India. Safe shop products are also very popular among the people of India cause they are very e good according to their price, so let’s know what is safe shop and what kind of products they have.

About safe shop

Safe Shop is an Indian direct selling company and it has made a name for itself among the many large direct selling companies in India which started on 14th December 2000 Safe shop is also known as a secure life direct selling company. safe Shop is an MCA ( Ministry of corporate affairs ) registered and ISO 9001:2015 certified company. Safe Shop is one of the largest network marketing companies in India and safe shop products have many items. Safe shop is also verified by IDSA ( Indian direct selling association),

Safe shop products

The direct sellers of safe shop have used their hard work, time and to show the power of network marketing and their success. Many people think network marketing is totally about fraud and safe shops have also allegations of fraud but the truth is network marketing is not fraud someone people in the direct selling industry are doing fraud. They should follow the guideline of Indian direct selling companies.

The safe shop has grown a lot in a very less time and spread into many places in India with exponential growth rate many of you are here in this post because you want to know about safe shop products cause the product safe shop providers are really e good in quality according to their price even see you can be satisfied by buying a single soap from safe shop.

Safe shop products list with price :

Safe shop products Price
Lal mirch ; 200 gm135/-
Turmeric powder ;
200 gm
Jeera ;
200 gm
Kali mirch ; 100 gm208/-
Garam masala ;
200 gm
Aloe vera with kesar
and green tea ; pack of 1
Premium tea ;1kg510/-
Herbal moisturizing
lotion; 200 ml
Herbal facewash; 200 ml250/-
Mott elaichi ; 100 gms260/-
Herbal shampoo ; 200 ml301 /-
Body massage oil ; 200ml350 /-
Herbal fairness cream ; 25gm299 /-
Joint pain oil ; pack of 1353 /-
Garcinia cambogia ; pack of 1496 /-
Herbal hair tonic ; 200ml750 /-
Diaba care ; pack of 1845 /-
Green coffee ; pack of 1860 /-
Brain and health boos
; pack of 1
827 /-
Multy dyte s2 ; pack of 12317 /-
Supreme syrup ; pack of 11208 /-
Amla tulsi syrup ; pack of 11527 /-
Kids protein ; pack of 11599 /-
Meno dyte ; pack of 11867 /-
Protein rich powder ; 11930 /-
Balance nutrition ; pack of 11846 /-
Noni premium ; pack of 11653 /-
School backpack with
laptop sleeve ; 1
1642 /-
Duffle bag without trolley ; 11560 /-
Boat shoe ; 1 pair2412 /-
Him capsule ; 120 capsules2407 /-
Penny shoe2408 /-
Joint pain oil; 100ml (pack of 6)2118 /-
Shawl2215 /-
Multy dyte s2 ; (pack of 2)4634 /-
Diaba care ; 500ml(pack of 3)2535 /-
Aloe vera with kesar
and green tea ; 1 ltr (pack of 2)
3084 /-
Green coffee ;
60 capsules(pack of 3)
2580 /-
Personal essentials ;
6 in 1 herbal pack(facewash,
fairness cream,
bodyoil, hair oil)
2200 /-
Supreme syrup ; 500ml(pack of 2)2416 /-
Whey protein chocolate; 1kg3700 /-
Whey protein mango ; 1kg3700 /-
Weight gainer ; 1 kg pack3400 /-
Amla tulsi syrup ; 1litre(pack of 2)3050 /-
Noni premium ; 1 litre(pack of 2)3306 /-
Wellness moringa superfood mix fruit & mango ; pack of 122100 /-
Super six1999 /-
Teddy bear1999 /-
Carefree1999 /-
Men combo2088 /-
Mosaic cookware2093 /-
Garcinia cambogia ; (pack of 4)1984 /-
Brain and health booster ; 500 ml (pack of 3)2481 /-
Women combo2202/-
Copper bottom handi ; set (3+3)1990/-
Joint pain capsule; 60 capsules(pack of 5)2315/-
Double-wall serving bowl ; (set of 2)1990/-
Belito casserole double wall; 3500 ml2100/-
All (colonel) – belly2876/-
All (colonel) – sandal2876/-
Menopause dyte ; 500gms (Pack of 2)3734/-
Tiffin ; (3 containers)2100/-
Kids protein ; 500 gms (pack of 2)3198/-
Splash water dispenser ; 5 litre2250/-
Protein-rich powder; 500gms(Pack of 2)3860/-
Balance nutrition ; 500gms(pack of 2)3692/-
Coldera 1 kadhai ; 24cm and 1 fry pan 24cm2205/-
European canvas backpack ; backpack2401/-
Couple combo2739/-
1 exclusive shawl2863/-
Ladies purse + tote + sling bag ; multi-pocket3897/-
Multiutility laptop ; backpack3064/-
Larasoi 10;1 pack2833/-
Duffle bag with trolley3641/-
Spicy lady3084/-
primera suit length ; 15600/-
grasim suitlength ; 15500/-
vimal suitlength ; 15599/-
Burgoyne suit length ; 15999/-
Overnighter laptop backpack; 14620/-
Laptop backpack with trolley ; 14015/-
Haa cube fry pan; 24cm7990/-
Rucksack steel reinforce backpack ; 14820/-
International traveller laptop backpack ; 14820/-
Duffle with trolley economy + laptop ; 1 Pack4820/-
Smart boy4565/-
Haa cut kadai ; 24 cm8990/-
dinner set ; 40 pcs6240/-
(1 kadhai 24 cm
frypan 24 cm
dosa tawa 30 cm)
grasim suit length ; 211000/-
bed sheets ; 39597/-
vimal suit length ; 211198/-
Grasim suit length (1 pc.)
Laranya lavanya
embroidered saree (1 pc.)
Zibaldi men’s suit length
(1 pc.)
Laranya lavanya saree
by vimal (1 pc.)
2 bed sheets 1
bath essential pack
Miakasa 1 blanket 1 bedsheet8198/-
1 burgoyne suit length 1
laranya lavanya embroidered saree
burgoyne suit length ; 211198/-
raymond suit length; 211800/-
1 blanket 1 bath essential pack7199/-
1 suit length(3.1mtrs)
Zibaldi 1 suit length(3.1mtrs)
Health and beauty small pack8714/-
Summer collection;
2 shirts & 2 trousers
Miakasa; 2 blankets9998
brunswick suit length ; 316800/-
Zibaldi executive suit lengths;
3 pieces of men suits
Brunswick suit lengths;
3 pieces of men suits
King luther suit length
(1 pc.) Zibaldi suit length (2 pcs.)
Burgoyne suit length (1 pc.)
Grasim suit length (2 pcs.)
2 brunswick suitlength and
1 burgoyne suit length
1 king luther suit length 1 zibaldi suit
length and doublewall dinner set
(40 pcs.)
2 burgoyne suit length and
doublewall dinner set
(40 pcs.)
Stivali package with suit length15097/-
1 burgoyne suit length 1 laranya lavanya
embroidered saree and
doublewall dinnerset (40 pcs.)
Life box package
(grasim fabric of 3)
strength(3.1mtrs each)&
4pant(1.2mtrs each)&
4shirts(2.25mtrs each)
Zibaldi fabric of 3 suit length
(3.1mtrs each)& 4pant
(1.2mtrs each)& 4shirts(2.25mtrs each)
2 shirts and 2 trousers and 1 ziet watch12,895/-
laranya lavanya sarees by onlyvimal
(Exclusive 5)
laranya lavanya embroidered sarees
(Exclusive 5)
1 burgoyne suit length
1 laranyalavanya ladies suit
and doublewall dinnerset
(40 pcs.)
Miakasa royal dinner set; 83n12,223/-
(2 blanket 2 bedsheet)
Miakasa; 2 blanket 2 bedsheet17,440/-
Health and beauty big pack14,784/-
Smart star talking educational product12,299/-
Summer collection 4 shirts and 4 trousers17,592/-

Ladies wonders > 4 exclusive ladies designer suits
Homex water purifier uv+uf purification and 1 brunswick suit length18,150/-
Zeno lifestyle package 2 jeans + 1 sunglass + 1 suidength14,199/-
Gftasim premium suit length (2 pcs.) Woolen mix fabric20,000
7 exclusive laranya lavanya embroided sarees20,993/-
82 pcs miakasa double wall dinner set14,225/-
7 laranya lavanya sarees by vimal20,993/-
Mia kasa cookpot combo;
2 pressure cooker 4 ltr ,6 ltr
Zeno lifestyle package 2 watches + 2 sunglasses15,396/-
Zeno lifestyle package 1 jean + 1 sunglass +
1 watch + 1 suitlength
Zeno lifestyle package 2 watches + 2 jeans16,198/-
Home ro and 1 brunswick suit length23,950/-
Home ro and 1 brunswick suit length: rs.23,950/-
Vimal suit length (1 pcs.)
Laranya lavanya embroidered saree (1 pcs.)
Miakasa royal
(dinner set 83n)
2 brunswick suit length and miakasa
(83pcs dinner set)
Zibaldi suit length (2 pcs.) Miakasa royal;
dinner set 83n
Zibaldi suit length (1 pcs.)
King luther suit length (1 pcs.)
Miakasa royal; dinner set 83n
1 brunswick suit length and
miakasadoublewall 82pcs dinner set
and 1laranya lavanya saree
Cookpot pr.cooker, hexacube frypan,
icingluther suit length
Cookpot pr.cooker, hexacut kadhai,
kingluther suit length
Zeno(watch, sunglass)stnali(belt, wallu, shoes)
brunswick suulength, kingluther suit length
2 brunsvvick suit length and miakasadoublewall;
82pcs dinner set
safe shop products list

The main thing that safe shop did and many companies didn’t is the price: quality ratio, safe shop products truly would be according to their price. You can use any kind of products provided by a safe shop and you will love it. Safe shop India has all kinds of products from house to daily use. You can find almost every product you want from the safe shop products list , but the problem is all the products are not mentioned properly on websites,but you can find safe shop products with prices and also can download the pdf of safe shop products and check also safe shop official website

Safe shop products
safe shop products

Safe shop products list PDF :

Here are the safe shop products list and packages with quantity and prices according to products. you can download the safe shop products list pdf with prices

Safe shop india main product categories:

Basically safe shop India is a big direct selling company in India and with a very high growth rate safe shop India doesn’t have too many products but the products they have are very worthy according to their pricing. Safe shop has 5 main types of products

  • Health & beauty products 
  • Home lifestyle
  • Mens & women’s Fashion products
  • Education
  • Technology

And here you’ll get very good products at a valuable price. If you are interested to buy and earn a huge amount of profit then you have to register or join safe shop India direct selling company and the registration is free like any other network marketing company. After joining safe shop India you have to buy safe shop products to active your ID because joining in safe shop is free but you have to purchase at least 1000 to 2000 rupees products to activate your ID.

There are many products available in safe shop which you can bi to active your ID there are many health and beauty products, home Lifestyle products, men’s and women’s fashion products etc. 

Safe shop India package list for new joining :

Anyone can join safe shop for their high-quality products and get a passive income in his or her life, safe shop provides great packages that everyone can join. The starting package of the safe shop is 12000 rupees and it ends up at 30000 rupees. 

If you want to join safe shop you have to buy any of these packages, you will also get the products of the package you paid for. Suppose you paid 12000 rupees you will also get the products of 12000 rupees.

Download safe shop app :

You can download safe shop official app on your app to click on this download button and you can get every information

 After you buy your package you are welcome in safeshop family now you can simply tell your friends about this system and by adding them you can simply earn a good amount of money as a passive income, and if your friend and someone in his network you will also get the profit according to he is joining business volume or BV, but if you don’t want to convince your friend and tell them to join you can simply buy safe shop products at low price. so if you want to join safe shop company and you want to know the safe shop products list with their price then you can download the pdf or check our website.

Conclusion :

So these was the words from me about safe shop India and its products hope this post was helpful to you to get an idea about safe shop india and safe shop products, if you have any queries you can download the official safe shop products list PDF or you can comment below we will left to answer you.


1.Who is the owner of a safe shop ?

Ans: Tarun jangid is owner of safe shop direct selling company.

2.What is safe shop company ?

Ans: Safe Shop is an Indian direct selling company and it has made a name for itself among the many large direct selling companies in India which started on 14th December 2000

3.Is safe shop fake ? 

Ans: safe shop manufacture products and You can earn money when you join someone to shop. Some people fraud for some money and companies get notorious for them.

4.Who is India’s No 1 direct selling company?

Ans: Amway India Enterprises Private Limited is India’s no.1 direct selling company

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