Shillong TEER Result Today 20th july | First Round & Second Round Result Numbers

If you’re here for Shillong teer result Then You’ll get it here. This website provides Shillong teer results today of first & second rounds regularly. Every day the first-round and second-round results are declared at 4:27 PM and 5:35 PM. Sometimes maybe the results are declared at the right time for server issues. You’ll get the previous day’s Shillong lottery result list in this article so stay connected with us.

Shillong lottery is organized by the Meghalaya state government under the Meghalaya amusement and betting tax act. The people of Meghalaya buy this Shillong Teer and then check the Shillong teer result of the first and second rounds. If their Shillong lottery result today’s lucky number gets matched with the result numbers then they will get rewarded with a cash prize.

So stay connected with this page and you’ll get daily updates Regarding the Shillong teer result list & HIT numbers. Basically, the Shillong lottery is related to archery sports. Shillong lottery has two more different names in Meghalaya state Thon Tim or Sat.

Shillong TEER Result today Live shillont teer result

First Round 4:27 PMSecond Round 5:35 PM

Everyday Shillong Teer results are declared two times and the First and the second round declared at 4:27 PM and 5:35 PM. So you can check the shillong teer result and refresh the result anytime. And this game is based on an archery game. Many people of Meghalaya state buy this Shillong teer lottery and they search for the result. On this page, we update the Shillong teer result regularly and up to time. We also update the shillong lottery result list daily for the people who play this game every day. So check this website for shillong teer result today live.

Shillong TEER morning result

F/R- 10:30 AMS/R- 11:30 AM

The Shillong teer lottery happens by running lots of counters all over Shillong. It is a traditional game, and the betting result depends on the number of arrows hitting the target. The number of the arrows which are hit on the target is the result. They count the total arrow numbers which hit the target and the last two digits of the targeted arrows are the final result.

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Lottery Name Shillong TEER Lottey
Result Time 4:27 AM & 5:35 AM
Lottery Ticket Price 300 /-
Winning Price8,000 /-
Check Result Click Here

How to play Shillong teer game?

If you want to play this game then you’ve to go to the Shillong Teer counter and then buy the Shillong teer lottery. You have to guess the number and buy the lottery and wait for the result until we don’t publish it on this page. Then if you’re guessing numbers get matched with the shillong teer result lucky numbers that means you won the game. Every day many people play this gambling game which is under Meghalaya state and they check the shillong teer result from this page.

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