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Taken from vadivelu memes is one of the popular Memes among the youth of Kerala, not only that vadivelu memes are also popular among the globe. These memes contain some extremely funny concepts taken from real life. Especially in the Tamil Nadu these memes are very popular.

Funny vadivelu memes:

Vadivelu is a famous comedy actor in tamil movies and we all know tamil movie comedians are best ever they don’t do over acting and vadivelu is one of them. The famous character vadivelu is a separate fanbase in tamil movie lovers for his outstanding comedy.

Vadivelu memes

I know you’re here for vadivelu memes and here you will get some funny vadivelu memes and some information about the memes.

Some famous movie of vadivelu is vathiyar (2006), marudhamalai (2007), pokkiri (2007), villu (2009), mersal (2017), sura (2010) and many more.The memes are created from his movies specially and special dialogues, comedy scenes. Everyone love vadivelu comedy and that’s why people create of his memes.

What is Vadivelu memes:

vadivelu memes is one of the most popular Meme categories in India especially in the state of Tamil Nadu people really like these kinds of desi memes in their native language. The main Meme character in these memes is Kumaravadivel Natarajan, known as Vadivelu, who is a South Indian actor who belongs to the commentary jondra, you may see him in many movies like

  • En Thangai Kalyani
  • En Rasavin Manasile
  • Aatha Un Koyilile
  • Chinna Gounder
  • ilavarasan
  • Singaravelan
  • Deiva Vaakku
  • Thevar Magan

Main character of vadivelu memes:

One of the main characters of this popular admin page is a famous Tamil actor named Kumaravadivel Natarajan, is the originator of these memes, but not only many memers create his means after seeing any kind of comedy scene in his movies. One of the popular means of him given below.

Common topics of vadivelu memes:

The common and basic topics of vadivelu memes is only craziness these memes contain an amount of double meaning thoughts and some spicy contents. If you start reading one of them you cannot close your window till you finish all of these. These memes are to editable that you cannot even imagine

Funny memes:

Memes can be photos and videos both. Memes is a way to connect people in social media like Facebook, whatsapp, Instagram, twitter etc. Memes basically attract the social media audience because maximum memes are created from movies, songs, social media users, politics and many more that’s why our young generation is highly attracted with memes to express their thoughts and statements. Basically funny memes are like trolling something for fun. In this time maximum funny memes are created from current trending movies, songs, videos and many more. Funny memes express your inner funny character. The main reason for creating memes is making fun with social media friends.

so here are someone funny vadivelu memes Which will blow up your mind and make you laugh loudly, All the images used in this article are totally copyright free and so you can download the memes and share with your friends on social media for funs. If you are a south indian movie lover then you definitely love vadivelu so you can share with your friends.


1.who is vadivelu?

Ans: Vadivelu is a great comedy Actor of south indian movies and vadivelu has a huge fanbase for his outstanding comedy in movies.

2.which is the best movie of vadivelu?

Ans: Vadivelu’s every movie is great, you can enjoy his comedy in his every movie.

3.what is the real name of vadivelu and his age?

Ans: The real name of vadivelu is Kumaravadivel Natarajan and his age is 60 years

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